A road trip/buddy movie/artistic collaboration through the charmed backroads of France.



Directed By: Agnès Varda and JR
2017 / 90 mins.


 2017 / France / Documentary

An artistic collaboration, and simply beautiful friendship, that invites one to think about their own ways of seeing, being and living in the world. As the mother of French New Wave cinema, Agnès Varda’s unique point of view continues to persevere well into her eighties, while thirtysomething JR has begun his own rise to legendary status, plastering his large scale photographs all over the globe. Together, this unlikely duo road trip across the countryside of France, musing on the metaphysical and interacting with the locals they meet along the way. Varda’s mix of nostalgia and eager inquiry combined with JR’s caring intelligence makes for an intergenerational travelogue of cinematic wonder and whimsy, garnering the Golden Eye Documentary prize at the 2017 Cannes Film Festival.


Agnès Varda


Varda’s prolific career stretches for over 60 years, moving from French Wave fiction, to collaged-autobiographical documentaries, to art installations. She will be awarded an Honorary Oscar at the 2018 Academy Awards, recognized for her exceptional contributions to filmmaking. A true auteur and a hero to many.




Known for his b&w photography, French artist JR produces a dynamic and humanistic approach to his subjects. His work has graced the Louvre, the US/Mexico border wall and many other venues- both indoor and out. 2011 TED prize winner, he is an artistic genius with a vital vision.




Sat / Oct 28 / 4:30 PM


Macklanburg Playhouse


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