A confused comedienne is forced to confront her ex's instagram worthy new life.



Directed By: Noël Wells
2017 / 90 mins.

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 2017 / USA / Narrative

Comedienne Emily Martin moves to L.A. for a shot at stardom, leaving her old life and boyfriend behind in the Austin dust. Following the death of a semi-loved one, she’s forced to return to Texas and face the fact her ex has moved on with the help of Celeste, a pinterest board of perfection come to life. This new development sends Emily searching for a sense of self in the waning creative comfort of the city, a familiar weirdness she finds in kindred spirit/local indie rocker Jen. Does growing up mean no carbs and no fun? Or is there another way? A hilarious look at millennial malcontent (from fleeting viral video fame to #mimosas), the importance of female friendship and the ever tricky balance of life & love.


Noël Wells

Director, Writer, Star

Noël Wells is originally from San Antonio, Texas. After graduating college, she joined the Upright Citizens Brigade in Los Angeles where she was then cast as a featured player on SNL. She recently played Rachel on MASTER OF NONE and starred alongside Jessica Williams in THE INCREDIBLE JESSICA JAMES.





Sat / Oct 28 / 10:30 AM


Talking Horse Productions

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