MS.OURI MADE (Shorts Program) cover

MS.OURI MADE (Shorts Program)

2017 / 79 mins.


Expected Guests: Director Katina Bitsicas,Director Kate Nguyen, Director Kat Cory, Director Maxine du Maine, Director Alex Watkins, Director Sasha Goodnow, Director Steph Borklund, Writer Rebecca Fjelland Davis

Sat/ Oct 28 / 10:00 AM

The Warehouse Theatre


Take a journey through Missouri from experimental to documentary. These seven films were shot on location, revealing the beauty

and diversity of the Show Me State.


MSOURI MADE Small image for Web Counfound Acts


Directed by Katina Bitsicas

2017 / Columbia / 4 mins.

A murder committed by a childhood friend is analyzed to comprehend the effects on both the family of the victim and the perpetrator.



MSOURI MADE Small Image for Web For You


Directed by Kat Nguyen

2017 / Kansas City / 12 mins.

Love, support, prostitution. A young woman depends on her boyfriend to help her start a new life... until she realizes the true

nature of their arrangement.



MSOURI MADE Small Image for Web Down at Dusk


Directed by Kat Cory

2017 / St. Louis / 5mins.

A meditative visual-music journey through nature.



MS.OURI MADE Small Image for Web Spitting IMage


Directed by Maxine du Maine

2014 / St. Louis / 9 mins.

Jerome is a bright kid stuck in the wrong crowd, but the cycle of violence that's shaped his family is quickly coming back to haunt him.



MSOURI MADE Small Pic for Web Send


Directed by Alex Watkins

2017 / St. Louis / 31 mins.

With an intimate observational style, SEND explores the lives of four teenage boys as they go through training at the exclusive St. Louis Rowing Club.



MS OURI MADE Small Image for Web Quilt


Directed by Sasha Goodnow

2017 / Columbia / 5 mins.

A phone call prompts memories for John; ruminations that he willingly follows, leading him to his ancestors.



MSOURI MADE Small Image for Web Alliecat


Directed by Steph Borklund

2017 / Columbia / 14 mins.

During a ride through the woods three teens find a priest in the woods nearly dead. What happens next reveals secrets racing to be told. 


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