“Who is the foreigner? Am I the foreigner?”



Sat / Nov 3 / 6:45 PM
The Warehouse Theatre
Directed By: Rian Brown and Geoffrey Pingree
2018 / USA, France / 57 mins. / Documentary
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English, partial subtitles

Plays with Short Films: SALAM and AIRPORT


In 2006 the Louvre commissioned writer Toni Morrison to curate a show, resulting in an exhibition of performance titled “The Foreigner’s Home,” a conversation on the power of art and language in an increasingly borderless world. Documentation of Morrison’s project shot by her son Ford was discovered years later by friend Jonathan Demme, calling on fellow filmmakers Rian Brown and Geoffrey Pingree to bring to life the images. Weaving in their individual modes of expression, the pair augmented and illustrated Morrison’s impactful discourse. Morrison, with unabashed brilliance and grace, then responded to their work through additional interviews. The evolution of the film- and the resulting piece- is a distillation of Morrison’s original concept and of the world she seems to envision: the moving, fluid exchange of people and ideas dissolving together in a sea of history and humanity.


The Foreigner's Home - Trailer from Rian Brown on Vimeo.



FOREIGNERS HOME DIrector Headshot Rian Brown2

Rian Brown

Co-Director, Co-Producer, and Co-Editor, Animator

Rian Brown is an independent filmmaker, visual artist, and Associate Professor of Cinema Studies at Oberlin College. With collaborator Pingree, she co-founded the Apollo Outreach Initiative, a media education and community outreach program.



FOREIGNERS HOME DIrector Headshot Geoff Pingree

Geoffrey Pingree

Co-Director, Co-Producer and Co-Editor, Writer

Emmy Award-winning documentary filmmaker, photographer, writer, and Professor of Cinema Studies at Oberlin College, Geoff Pingree also directs the nonprofit StoryLens, which produces short films working toward social change.



Directed by Claire Fowler

2018 / USA / 13mins. / Narrative

SALAM Foreigners Home Small Image for Before Feature




Directed by Michaela Müller

2017 / Switzerland / 11mins. / Animation

AIRPORT Foreigners Home Image for Feature