“What is the American dream?”



Expected Guests: Director, Writer Laura Plancarte

Sun / Nov 4 / 1:30 PM
Talking Horse Productions
Directed By: Laura Plancarte
2018 / Mexico, USA / 77 mins. / Documentary
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Spanish and English with alternating subtitles


Chato and Chuy are two adult brothers living in Mexico longing for their mother who left to work in the United States when they were children. Vanessa, a former Miss America contestant and out of work pharmaceutical rep, wanders her American homeland longing for any semblance of stability following a recession. By showing parallel portraits of these figures from two sides of a contentious border the similarities of their lives are highlighted; regardless of where one lives survival and family are needs that must be nourished. To enhance these personal narratives, interviews with individuals are interspersed throughout the film, expressions that read between the lines of rhetoric. The highly politicized US/Mexico border is removed from view in this film as one sees the issue for what it truly is: one of humanity and hope.


HERMANOS / SIBLINGS, Laura Plancarte [TRAILER - English & Spanish subtitles] from FREAK Independent Film Agency on Vimeo.


HERMANOS DIrector Headshot Laura Plancarte

Laura Plancarte

Director, Writer

Currently based in London, Laura Plancarte’s work has been exhibited around the globe, in addition to being supported by many Mexican cultural institutions. Her debut feature TIERRA won Best Feature at the World of Film International Festival in Glasgow. HERMANOS is her second feature.