A comedic, psychological vision; the future of film and a nation.



Expected Guests: Writer, Actress Liza Scholtz

Sun / Nov 4 / 4:00 PM
Macklanburg Playhouse
Directed By: Jenna Cato Bass
2018 / South Africa / 96 mins. / Narrative
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A group of friends- old and new- embark on a camping trip in the arid landscape of South Africa. Isolated together, their opinionated selves are quickly revealed causing clashing attitudes to ignite. But suddenly, their fighting subsides, replaced by a new and confusing conflict as they find their interiors swapped with one another’s exteriors. Being forced to present as one person and embody another gives each an insight previously unimagined, drama and comedy billow like the blunts they smoke, long-held truths are challenged. The troupe embodies the history of an entire country in search of an identity- nationally, individually and as a generation. Presented mostly as a found footage cell phone film and brimming with late teen swagger, the film is a feat of ensemble/collaborative filmmaking with a sharp pang of wit and memorable style.


HIGH FANTASY Director Headshot Jenna Bass

Jenna Cato Bass


After magician school, Bass realized that filmmaking was another type of magic she could excel in. Often credited with igniting a New Wave of South African filmmaking, Bass has made two feature films, many music videos and is Co-Writer of RAFIKI (also screening at CJFF 2018).


HIGH FANTASY Actor Headshot Liza Scholtz

Liza Scholtz

Writer, Actress

Liza Scholtz is a trained actress from Cape Town, South Africa. She is interested in creating spaces for actors to hone their craft, even facilitating a series of workshops with renown acting coach Anthony Meindl. She was nominated for the TIFF Rising Stars Programme in 2017.