Del is the last man on earth until he’s not.



Sat / Nov 3 / 7:00 PM
Macklanburg Playhouse
Directed By: Reed Morano
2018 / USA / 99 mins. / Narrative
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When an unexplained plague obliterates mankind, the lone survivor Del (Peter Dinklage) uses his skills as a librarian to neatly catalog the aftermath, finding peace in the small town he grew up in. Then, Grace (Elle Fanning) rolls into town with a literal burst of fireworks. Her young, free spirit immediately throws Del’s ordered and quiet world into disarray. Though Del is devastated, Grace slowly chips away at his hardened, loner exterior with patience and perseverance. Just as all is finally settling into a new normal, another twist bursts, slowly unraveling into a sci-fi tinged world of deceit and survival. Directed by CJ Alum Reed Morano (MEADOWLAND, THE HANDMAID’S TALE), known best for her breathtaking work as a cinematographer, the film creates an atmosphere of sun-drenched solitude, brooding introspection and a dystopian vision of control.


I THINK WERE ALONE NOW Director Headshot Reed Morano

Reed Morano

Director, Cinematographer

Recently Reed became the first woman ever to receive the DGA Award for Outstanding Directorial Achievement in a Dramatic Series and the Emmy for Outstanding Directing for a Drama Series in the same year. Primarily known as a cinematographer, she now shoots many of her directorial projects.