Two stoned girls dream of donuts on the beach.

Saturday Night Gala: NEVER GOIN' BACK cover

Saturday Night Gala: NEVER GOIN' BACK

Expected Guests: Director, Writer Augustine Frizzell

Sat / Nov 3 / 9:30 PM
Macklanburg Playhouse
Directed By: Augustine Frizzell
2018 / USA / 85 mins. / Narrative
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Mature Content


Angela and Jessie are friends whose bond is as strong as the edibles they accidentally eat at a house party in their Texas hometown. Using their rent money, Angela books a Galveston vacay for Jessie’s birthday. In desperate need of cash, the two retreat to their greasy waitress jobs, scheming a way to get rich quick. Their roommates, Jessie’s brother and his fronting friends (who provide an unexpectedly sweet look at young-male bonding) are plotting their own attempts at grifting as they too are in need of a way to pay the rent. In her feature film debut director Augustine Frizzell captures the pink, raw nastiness of being a teenage girl along with the caring soul mating of sisterhood. Balancing poop-jokes and drugs with issues of class and sexuality, the film hurtles forth leaving a vape trail of realness and the echoes of a perfect, bass-dropping soundtrack.


NEVER GOIN BACK Director Headshot Augustine Frizzell

Augustine Frizzell

Director, Writer

Texan Augustine Frizzell has been many things: single teen mom, comedy murder mystery actor, shoplifter and, with NEVER GOIN’ BACK, feature film director. Her visionary and bold style has quickly skyrocketed her career, most recently shooting a pilot for HBO.