Revenge and reunion simmer within a broken family in Philadelphia.



Sun / Nov 4 / 11:30 AM
Talking Horse Productions
Directed By: Jordana Spiro
2018 / USA / 90 mins. / Narrative
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Mature Content


Angel is released from juvenile detention, focused on avenging the unfortunate death of her loving mother. Soon she is able to reconnect with her younger sister Abby, a fast-talking child learning how to scam her way through a foster care system that is failing her. Abby and Angel embark on an intense yet loving road trip as they travel towards the place that holds their ultimate fate: their estranged father’s home. Acted with intense realism- a simple gesture speaking volumes- the two young female leads inhabit their roles with skill and nuance, incredible performances from actresses Dominique Fishback and Tatum Marilyn Hall. Directed by Jordana Spiro (OZARK’s Rachel) and Co-Written by Angelica Nwandu (founder of gossip site The Shade Room and foster care advocate), the film is a journey through a family’s haunting past and the unclear futures ahead.

NIGHT COMES ON - Official Trailer from Samuel Goldwyn Films on Vimeo.


NIGHT COMES ON Director Headshot Jordana Spiro

Jordana Spiro

Director, Co-Writer

Actress, director, and writer, Spiro has worked extensively on both sides of the camera. She was the recipient of the Adrienne Shelly Foundation Fellowship, NIGHT COMES ON is her first feature and won the NEXT Innovator Award at the 2018 Sundance Film Festival.


NIGHT COMES ON Screenwriter Headshot Angelica Nwandu

Angelica Nwandu


Recognized for her media success by Time Magazine and Forbes, Nwandu has over a million followers on her Instagram gossip site THE SHADE ROOM. She was tapped by Spiro to Co-write NIGHT COMES ON based on her own personal biography in the foster care system.