A charming tale of friendship, forgiveness, and fantasy!



Sat / Nov 3 / 10:30 AM
Macklanburg Playhouse
Directed By: Dorothée van den Berghe
2018 / Belgium / 90 mins. / Narrative
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Dutch with English Subtitles

Family Friendly 8+


Rosie and her mother move into a new apartment building on the other side of town, her father’s sudden disappearance a mysterious backdrop for the change. Rosie stubbornly begins to settle into her new life, befriending Moussa a neighboring boy with a joyous, extended family that feels like home. Despite her newfound friendship and magical musings, curiosity about her father still looms in Rosie’s head. A visit from her Uncle only confirms her confusion, sending her on a quest for truth. In the middle of all of this, Rosie’s mother finds a new love interest in Moussa’s Uncle, a relationship that further stokes Rosie’s unease. Amid the flurry of childhood wonder, hints of very grown-up issues dance around throughout, a sweet film for children and adults!

Rosie en Moussa International Trailer B - UK Subs from Caviar Brussels on Vimeo.


ROUSIE AND MOUSSA Director Headshot DOrothee Van Den Berghe


Dorothée van den Berghe


Dorothée was born in Ghent, Belgium but grew up mostly in Amsterdam. She studied sculpture and film at the Sint-Lucas Academy in Brussels. She directed her first feature-length film, GIRL, in 2002 which was awarded the Prix de la Jeunesse and the Prix de CICAE/ARTE at Locarno Festival. ROSIE & MOUSSA is her third feature film.