The burying of the family dog brings laughs, tears and an unearthing of family secrets.



Expected Guests: Director Zorinah Juan and Writer, Producer, Actor Grace Hannoy

Sat / Nov 3 / 3:30 PM
Talking Horse Productions
Directed By: Zorinah Juan
2018 / USA / 96 mins. / Narrative
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When the beloved family dog dies the Barnes matriarch melts into a puddle of grief, calling on her adult children to come home for the increasingly elaborate canine funeral. Siblings Elijah, Maris and Louise quickly jump into their younger roles as their parents work to keep their marital strain at bay. Each family member holds a host of secrets- from pregnancy to rekindled romance, even a new, hidden furry friend- bobbing and weaving through words and actions to avoid truths with comic flair and ensemble brilliance! Created and produced by an entirely female crew and featuring a cast beaming with talent, WHEN WE GROW UP digs through complicated issues of aging, adoption, and family while maintaining a light-hearted core of dramatic irony.

When We Grow Up Trailer from Grace Hannoy on Vimeo.


WHEN WE GROW UP Director Headshot Zurinah Juan

Zorinah Juan


Inspired by her second-generation Filipino American upbringing, Juan's work often explores themes of cultural identity, belonging, and failure. She has worked as a script supervisor and producer on many award-winning independent films, including Lynne Ramsay’s YOU WERE NEVER REALLY HERE. WHEN WE GROW UP is her debut feature.


WHEN WE GROW UP Actor Producer Headshot Grace Hannoy

Grace Hannoy

Writer, Producer, Actor

Based in NY, Grace graduated with honors from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts where she majored in Drama. Over the past two years, she has worked with Molly Pearson in conjunction with LEAP Workshops developing her own projects. Grace has produced for screen and stage and considers herself a screenwriter and poet.