Expected Guests: Director, Writer, Co-Cinematographer Aly Migliori
Directed By: Aly Migliori
2018 / USA / 13 mins. / Narrative

Program: MIX TAPE

Hailey and Callum uncover a totem hidden deep within a cave, removing the strange object from its lair. The next day, Hailey disappears without a trace. Callum returns to the spot where they last met years later, spiraling into a metaphysical dreamscape of life and loss.


AFTER HER Mix Tape Director Headshot copy

Aly Migliori

Director, Writer, Co-Cinematographer

Aly is a Director and Cinematographer based in NY. She primarily directs music videos, branded content, and fiction shorts. She has shot commercially for clients such as Nike and Google. Aly is an Easy Rig ambassador, pushing the initiative of female-forward camera gear and also a member of Cinematographers XX, Cinefemme and NYWIFT.