INTERSECTION (Shorts Program) cover

INTERSECTION (Shorts Program)

2017 / 84 mins.

INTERSECTION (Shorts Program)

Expected Guests: Producer Lauren Domino, Director Kelly Walker, Producer Star Ursula Taherian

 Sat / Oct 28 / 7:00 PM

Macklanburg Playhouse


Here we arrive at the web of intersectionality, the guide that places us on the ladder of privilege. Intersection is where these stories

converge; the not always black and white reality many individuals live everyday.




 INTERSECTION Small Image for Web Intersection copy


Directed by Angela Tucker

2016 / USA / 9 mins.

A couple goes on a road trip in southern Louisiana to support a friend.



INTERSECTION Small Image for Web El Hara



Directed by Mo Scarpelli

2016 / Tunisia, France / 16 mins.

EL HARA poetically explores how the places we grow up in haunt who we become, forever.



INTERSECTION Small Image for Web Brownlist



Directed by Kelly Walker

2017 / USA / 6 mins.

One girl's journey to becoming diverse...enough.  



INTERSECTION Small Image for Web FivexFive



Directed by Kate Herron

2017 / UK / 23 mins.

In a bustling metropolis of millions, young Ash is lost. He wants to be the big man, but reality hasn’t quite delivered. Then a chance

encounter leads him to make a dangerous decision, which begins a chain reaction of events.




INTERSECTION Small Image for Web Kayla



Directed by Lauren Cioffi and Rosie Haber

2017 / USA / 10 mins.

KAYLA explores the evolution of identity as young Austin considers what transitioning to a woman would mean in the heart of the Mississippi Delta.



INTERSECTION Small Image for Web Watched



Directed by Katie Mitchell

2017 / USA / 20 mins.

An intimate and moving exploration of the experience of coming of age — under the gaze of state surveillance. 


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