UNDER THE MOON (Shorts Program) cover

UNDER THE MOON (Shorts Program)

2017 / 64 mins.

UNDER THE MOON (Shorts Program)

Expected Guests: Director Holly Voges, Director Ruth Pickett, Cameo Wood

Fri / Oct 27 / 10:00 PM

Logboat Brewery


Under a first quarter moon enjoy a program of humor, raunch, suspense, and general weirdness that is sure to leave you

mystified. Free to the public, enjoy s'mores, firepits, and general merriment during this outdoor event.

Not recommended for children or those easily offended.

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Directed by Holly Voges

2017 / USA / 6 mins.

A cautionary tale about man's possessive relationship with nature, as told by two children over a campfire.



UNDER THE MOON Small IMage for Web Real Artists


Directed by Cameo Wood

2017 / USA / 12 mins.

Against all odds, Sophia Baker just scored her dream job. But she soon learns all is not as she expects behind the curtain.

Every instinct Sophia has ever had about filmmaking as art is about to be challenged.



UNDER THE MOON SmallImage for Web Smear


Directed by Kate Herron

2017 / USA / 12 mins.

A hilarious take on a woman's first smear. Will her crushing femininity help her survive the ordeal?



UNDER THE MOON Small Image for Web Last Light


Directed by Angelita Mendoza

2017 / USA / 11 mins.

Thrilling, this short is a race against time as a family and farmers try to find out what happened to Katy before it's too late!



UNDER THE MOON Small Image for Web Honeymoon


Directed by Ruth Pickett

2017 / UK / 13 mins.

A newlywed couple's simple honeymoon in the country takes a turn when their idyllic location is not as virginal as they are.

Can this couple survive the first test of their marriage?



UNDER THE MOON Small Image for Web Business


Directed by Kati Skelton

2017 / USA / 8 mins.

A terrified young man gets tangled up in a surreal and demoralizing “business opportunity.” Will he make it out alive?


This is NOT a ticketed film.  Free and open to the public