FAMILY FUN! (Shorts Program) cover

FAMILY FUN! (Shorts Program)

2017 / 87 mins.

Family Fun! (Shorts Program)

Expected Guests: Director Chell Stephen, Animator Lindsey Martin

Recommended for kids eight and up.

Sun / Oct 29 / 11:00 AM

The Warehouse Theatre


The lives of girls and women are diverse and rich, but we rarely see their stories so varied on the screen. This program shows the good,

the bad and the ugly that is being female. This program contains some mild violence and is recommended for kids eight and up.


FAMILY FUN Small Image Web Mallory Memphis


Directed by Paige Boudreau

2016 / USA / 3 mins.

Mallory Memphis is a childhood urban legend realized. Exploring beliefs and peer pressure as told by an unreliable narrator.

Quirky and sweet leaves you with one simple rule: Don't forget to hold your breath when you go past a graveyard!



FAMILY FUN Small Image for Web Dy Breaks


Directed by Amanda Forbis and Wendy Tilby

1999 / Canada / 9 mins.

In this animated short, Ruby the pig seeks affirmation in the city around her after witnessing the accidental death of a

stranger… and finds it in surprising places.



FAMILY FUN Small Image for Web Picked 2


Directed by Kelsey Snelling

2016 / USA / 8 mins.

A young girl's quest for the perfect pumpkin ostracizes her from her peers. For anyone who has ever been asked to apologize

for the things or the people that they love.



FAMILY FUN Small IMage for Web Ice Skates


Directed by Sara Zia Ebrahimi and Lindsey Martin

2016 /  USA / 7 mins.

Based on a true events, this animation tells the story of Haleh, an eight year old living in 1980, who just wants to enjoy her ice skates.

The film raises questions about the human cost of surveillance and the criminalization of immigrant communities, linking past policy

decisions with current national discussions around security and xenophobia.



FAMILY FUN Small Image for Web Milliner


Directed by Meagan Cignoli

2016 / USA / 5 mins.

This stop-motion film takes us through a magical journey of hats.  



FAMILY FUN Small IMage for Web Water Phoenix


Directed by Abimbola Ogun

2017 / USA / 12 mins.

Held captive in an aquarium, Mermaid Anya falls out of love with her caretaker, Jack, when he fails to follow through

with his promise to break her free. Broken-hearted and alone, she must find a way to escape before they move her

further away from home.



FAMILY FUN Small Image for Web Shauna


Directed by Chell Stephens

2017 / Canada / 10 mins.

Shauna is cruising through grade four, miles ahead of classmates she can barely tolerate. Amid some less than cool stuff at

home, the clearly laid out rules of school make it a refuge for this tiny perfectionist. But now that a new kid is wowing everyone

with moronic lies - punishment-free! - Shauna seeks revenge on all liars of the world via this one easy target.


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