FESTS LIKE US! (Shorts Program) cover

FESTS LIKE US! (Shorts Program)

2017 / 85 mins.

FESTS LIKE US! (Shorts Program)

Expected Guests: Director Veronica Andersson, Star Magdalena Kizinkiewicz, Director Gail Gilbert, Director Lina Berger, Director Christine Turner

Sat / Oct 28 / 9:30 PM

Macklanburg Playhouse


In honor of our 10th anniversary we asked eight festivals to collaborate with us on a program that represents our shared mission

to support women and diversity in film. From the deeply sad and moving, to the hilarious and ground breaking, these films

will leave you thoughtful and wanting more. Whether you are a filmmaker or film lover we recommend that you check out

these festivals and give them your support!


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the Athena Film Festival presents…


Directed by Christine Turner

2016 / USA / 9 mins.

The Athena Film Festival, founded in 2011, is an established platform celebrating stories of female leaders with ambition,

courage, resilience, and moxie. YOU CAN GO from director Christine Turner, is demonstrative of exactly the type of story

this festival highlights and the industry desperately needs.  Illustrating the undeniable message that women's leadership is

vital for our culture.



FESTS LIKE US Small Image for Web Liberation

the Female Eye Film Festival presents…


Directed by Veronica Andersson

2016 / POLAND / 13 mins.

FeFF, celebrating it's 15th annual festival in 2017, was established to illuminate the best of independent film by women directors

and offer a cinematic perspective through the Female Eye. In her film, LIBERATION, Veronica Andersson, shares the

heartbreaking tale of trauma and the desperate love of a mother.



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the Bentonville Film Festival presents...


Directed by Gail Gilbert

2015 / USA / 5 mins.

Founded by Geena Davis in 2015, The Bentonville Film Festival is committed to women and diversity. This short film was

selected, because it champions underrepresented voices and is an excellent example of the programing at BFF.



FESTS LIKE US Small Image for Web Thats Why They Call Us Colored2

the Reel Sisters of the Diaspora presents…


Directed by Malika Franklin

2016 / USA / 13 mins.

Founded 1997, Reel Sisters of the Diaspora Film Festival and Lecture Series, is devoted to supporting

intellectually stimulating and empowering films produced, directed and written by women of color. 

Malika Franklin is the director and producer of THAT'S WHY THEY CALLS US COLORED and the winner

of the Reel Sisters Spirit Award, which is given to a film that best represents the festival's audience and mission.



FESTS LIKE US Small Image for Web Amelia Duarte

the Tallgrass Film Festival presents…


Directed by Alice Guimaraes and Monica Santos

2015 / PORTUGAL / 8 mins.

The Tallgrass Film Festival, showing the best of the best in independent film for 15 years, presents...Amélia and Duarte.

From beginning to end or from the end to the beginning, it is easy to fall in love with Amélia and Duarte.

lyrical and imaginative chromatic impression of the lengths people will go to remove every trace of love lost.




the Women’s Film Festival presents…


Directed by Lina Berger

2016 / SWEDEN / 10 mins.

Women’s Film Festival, a Women’s Freedom Center fundraiser, in Brattleboro, VT, is celebrating it's 26th Annual festival. Playtime embodies

the festival's purpose of elevating movies by and about women; a platform for women to not only be the subject of, but to

direct and tell their own stories.



FESTS LIKE US Small Image Web Nightshift

the Traverse City Film Festival presents…


Directed by Zia Mandviwalla

2012 / NEW ZEALAND / 14 mins.

The Traverse City Film Festival is a charitable, educational, nonprofit organization committed to the idea that “One Great Movie

Can Change You: Just Great Movies”. NIGHT SHIFT is Madviwalla's slow and beautiful portrayal of Salote, an airport cleaner

working the night shift. She keeps her head down, does her job and gleans her survival from what others leave behind. No one

would usually spare her a second glance.



FESTS LIKE US Small Image for Web American Coco

the Bushwick Film Festival presents…


Directed by Diarra Kilpatrick

2016 / USA / 11 mins.

In 2007, Kweighbaye Kotee, founded The Bushwick Film Festival, which celebrates independent film and provides chances for

diverse filmmakers to exhibit their work and creates spaces where audiences can gather and enjoy independent cinema.

AMERICAN KOKO is the story of, Akosua Millard, codenamed "Koko." She and her team investigates and solves sticky

racial situations in a post post-racial America as a member of the E.A.R. Agency (Everybody's A little bit Racist). 


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