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1200 East Broadway
Columbia, MO 65215
[email protected]

Email Directory

Festival Director, Paula Elias[email protected]
Director of Programming, Kerri Yost[email protected]
Associate Programmer, Amy Sharland[email protected]
Outreach and Director's Assistant, Caitlyn Stevens[email protected]
Travel Coordinator[email protected]
Print Traffic[email protected]
Guest Services[email protected]
Box Office[email protected]
Materials Coordinators, Tracy Greever-Rice and Linda Reeder[email protected]; [email protected]
Graphic DesignerRudi Petry
Doc and Promo Video teamMeredith Jacob
Building ExpertFergus Moore
Art Direction, Erika Adair and Gabe Parish[email protected]; [email protected]
Special Projects, Ken Leija[email protected]
Fest TechsChris Howe
Social Media, LeeAnne Lowry[email protected]
Web Administrator, Aud Robles[email protected]