Day 2 Friday: CJ FILM SCHOOL

Day 2 Friday: CJ FILM SCHOOL cover

Citizen Jane Film School

An afternoon of educational- and fun!- film industry discussions!

Studio A @ Stephens College, 1405 E Broadway

Fri / Oct 27 / 11:00AM-4:30PM

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11:00 AM

Screen Grab: From Screenplay To Big Screen, Who Will Win?
Judges: Sarah Haas, Ken LaZebnik, Steph Scupham, Kimberly Skyrme

Screenwriters vie for an exclusive production deal pitching their films to a panel of esteemed judges. The top five entries will be discussed and critiqued live before the audience. The winner will be announced before panel’s end. Producer, Sarah Haas, awaits to bring the project to life-a screenwriter's dream come true!


12:30 PM

Women of the Web: Web Series as Launching Pad
Moderator: Leigh Kellmann Kolb

Panelist: Leah Byrd (HOT & BOTHERED) & Stefanie Sparks (SCREWED)

Web series are the new indie film; an accessible form of visual storytelling that is able to take chances, break boundaries, and attract an immediate audience often operating completely outside the studio system. This discussion will focus around the life cycle of a web series- from idea to final product- a primer for those looking to bring their small screen visions to life.


2:00 PM

Collaboration Nation: A (hilarious?) Game Show-Style Look at the Ins and Outs of Co-directing!

Game Show Host: Chase Thompson

Panelists: Amanda + Aaron Kopp (LIYANA), Kerri Yost + Steph Borklund (UNTITLED FULTON FLASH PROJECT), Ursula Taherian + Kelly Walker (THE BROWNLIST)

What thing could you not agree on while making your film? How did you grow while working together? What is your co-directors favorite food? Grossest on set habit? Each team of filmmakers will be asked questions about the collaborative process and each other, who knows what will happen in this revealing new CJ experiment!


3:30 PM 

Bold Brash Words From Bold Brash Screenwriters

Moderator: Dr. Rosanne Welch
Panelist: Amy Banks, Krista Dyson, Cara Epstein, Betsy Leighton, Laura Kirk, Sarah Whorton

The Stephens College MFA in Screenwriting Program is proud to present six of our fabulous students who will introduce 
the audience to six female screenwriters whose bold, brash, brilliant words have enhanced our film experience, but whose names have been left out of the textbooks. Help us write them back in and remind us all that Women Ran Hollywood once and are on their way to doing it again!